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About me
Hello, I'm Glen and I write stuff. Some good stuff, some bad stuff and some undecided stuff. I'm British and write very British stuff. Horror and Humour are my preferred genres but to be more specific I'd say cross-genre because I don't like to separate one from the other. Although I was born on Gibraltar in 1962 I didn't start writing until my late twenties, and that wasn't for very long. Because of a lack of confidence, Internet and word processor - they didn't exist then - and an allergy to Tipex (do they still sell that?) I gave up writng. But fortunately for you, ten years later, I found a word processor in a charity shop, joined a writing course, and my novelist years lay ahead. The course didn't go well, the tutor was awful. So was the processor. I ditched the tutor and processor but not before entering a writing competition.
I was at my lowest ebb (writing) but then an envelope dropped through my post box. No, I hadn't won, but I did come joint 4th, and won £5! It wasn't crisp, it wasn't new, but it was a fiver. After that I continued to enter comps, even won a few. So I started writng novels. Two published so far: Awake King Arthur and Cheating Karma; soon to be followed by Zeezee, a Neanderthal Cop, which is at the beta stage currently. All three novels a 'off the wall', Clive Barker meets Jasper Fforde. Not to everyone's taste but hey, you write what you know, and I know a lot of shit.


  • Warwick, Warwickshire, United Kingdom


Patiently awaiting cover art for my latest novel. Zeezee Cop is a modern day Neanderthal who also happens to be a part-time cop and meter reader. Yesterday I bought my domain name www.glenbatchelor.com, just waiting for it to go live. Also been updating a story I wrote about thirty years ago, before I had a PC, or even a word processor. Found it in the attic. Very amateurish and needs a good edit. Hoping to include it in a short story collection at a later date when it's less shit.

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Awake King Arthur

King Arthur has been sleeping for 1,500 years after being wounded by his nephew Mordred. It's now the mid 1970's and he's back in time to invent punk rock and once more engage his nephew. This time however, Excalibur is an electric guitar and his knights are Niggahs Cymraeg, his punk band.


Blisters of Blood (coming soon)

My second collection of horror short stories.


Zeezee - A Neanderthal Cop

Zeezee is a cop, and a Neanderthal. He's sees too many injustices to his Neanderthal race and has had enough. His fellow Neanderthal do not have the will to fight back, but he does, and he becomes an outlaw.


Some stories